June 18th, 2015   candids, gallery, gossip, jack & daisy comments off

Added a new set of pictures of Meg Ryan and daughter Daisy shopping for books and getting a drink in Soho NYC on Sunday afternoon.

… Candids / 2015 / Shopping with Daisy in Soho (x12)

And really, National Liar, ehh Enquirer, again the same nonsense this week? Yes she ended her realtionship with Mellencamp again several months ago, see here, but no, this was not because of him not moving to NYC (typical NE fantasy). Her marriage to Quaid fell apart mostly because of his affairs and her son finished at NYU two years ago and she has not been looking at any apartments since she already bought one 2 years ago, where she lives now with Daisy. Rant over.

June 10th, 2015   candids, gallery, jack & daisy comments off

Added two new sets of candids to the gallery! First one shows Meg with her son Jack and daughter Daisy getting a cab this weekend in NYC and the second shows Meg taking Daisy to school on Monday. And there is even a third set, showing Meg hailing a cab in Soho yesterday. If you click on the thumbs you will be forwarded to the original website.

… Candids / 2015 / With Jack and Daisy in Soho (x12)

… Candids / 2015 / Taking Daisy to school (x7)

… Candids / 2015 / Hailing a cab in Soho (x4)
June 6th, 2015   Fan girl, interview, movies comments off

Film Independent recently posted a new article about the movie Fan Girl on their website. It reports there will be a private membersonly screening of the movie at the LA Film Festival on June 15th. And there is a short interview with the director Paul Jarrett:

“Fun.” Director Paul Jarrett didn’t hesitate for a second when asked the one word that best summed up his experience on the set of his feature film debut Fan Girl, this year’s Free Member Screening during the Los Angeles Film Festival. “I got together a lot of crew I had worked with over the last ten years to work, and the cast had a really good time, some of them had gone to high school together… it was just a fun atmosphere.” (…)

“You go into it thinking ‘America’s sweetheart,’ and not recognizing that she’s such a comedic actor and such a great physical comedic actor. So not only were there simple things like head bumping against something or very small, discreet moments, but it was also getting comfortable with changing the blocking and finding funnier ways to do stuff mid-takes, and we realized that if we were both open to it, together, we’d find funnier new things to do. Her physical comedy always surprised me and astounded my every time—and makes the movie so much better.” (…) READ MORE

June 6th, 2015   candids, gallery, gossip comments off

Here are a few new pictures of Meg Ryan out and about in Soho this past Wednesday. Check the gallery for a new album. For those who registered in the past weeks: will get your accounts set up today!

… Candids / 2015 / Out and about in Soho
May 22nd, 2015   general, you've got mail comments off

The Huffington Post has a nice article on You’ve Got Mail earlier this week, with ‘Five things you didn’t know about You’ve Got Mail’. Follow the link below to read the entire article.

Also, in case you do not follow our Twitter account, don’t miss this article from Bustle.com with an ode to Meg Ryan’s 80s and 90s wardrobe in her movies. And this fun selfie a man managed to snap with her in it yesterday.

ygmposter Tuesday, May 19, would have been the late Nora Ephron’s birthday. Although she scribed and directed many romantic classics, “You’ve Got Mail” has remained particularly relevant thanks in part to the boom in Internet dating and the modern state of book stores.

To get a better sense of how the movie came together, The Huffington Post spoke with actress Heather Burns, who played the young Shop Around The Corner employee who was also Kathleen Kelly’s (Meg Ryan) BFF, Christina. (…)

On that note, here are five things you may not have known about “You’ve Got Mail,” according to Burns:

1. Meg Ryan and Heather Burns worked at a real New York bookstore as cashiers to get into their roles. (…) READ MORE HERE

May 17th, 2015   general, sightings, television comments off

Meg Ryan was seen filming with comedian Billy Eichner for an upcoming episode of his show ‘Billy on the street’ on Thursday afternoon in NYC. See more photos here: [1], [2], [3], [4] and [5].

May 10th, 2015   jack & daisy comments off

Happy Mother’s Day to all of our visitors who are moms!! Meg Ryan’s son Jack this morning posted this cute photo of him and his sister Daisy on his Instagram for Mother’s Day:

May 10th, 2015   candids, gallery, jack & daisy comments off

Meg was spotted taking daughter Daisy to school early in the morning on Friday and on Thursday in with her son Jack. And yet another picture of Meg and Daisy sharing a laugh yesterday in Soho (TY, S.!).

… Candids / 2015 / Taking Daisy to her school
… Candids / 2015 / Out and about with Jack
… Candids / 2015 / Out and about with Daisy
May 9th, 2015   Fan girl, interview, movies comments off

Forbes.com has several quotes from actress Kiernan Shipka on the movie Fan Girl. Shipka attended an early screening of the movie at the Bentonville Film Festival earlier this week. PS check back tomorrow for new pix of Meg with Daisy and with her son Jack.

On working with Meg Ryan:
“She’s awesome. She’s so nice, and I felt like we had really fun chemistry, and a fun time together….The dialogue was written in a really specific way but it definitely left room for a little ad-lib. She was totally up for that and I was totally up for that… We just had a super fun time with it.” (…) READ MORE

May 9th, 2015   french kiss, movies comments off

This week it was twenty years ago that the movie ‘French Kiss’ with Meg Ryan and Kevin Kline was released in theatres. The website Bustle.com had a nice feature on it this week:

On May 5th, 1995, the semi-screwball romantic comedy that is Meg Ryan’s French Kiss came crash landing into our theaters. I have always had a fondness for Meg Ryan. If Julia Roberts was the mother of all romantic comedies in the ’90s, Meg Ryan was her cute, neurotic sister. Most of her characters in the rom-com genre were mired in obsessive compulsion, usually exhibiting qualities that implied some form of anxiety or personality disorder.

French Kiss is definitely on the B-side of the ’90s rom-com canon — its gender politics are questionable, at best — but I’ll be damned if, 20 years later, it didn’t manage to charm my socks off! (…) READ MORE

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