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Gallery update: out and about in Los Angeles

Mar 9, 2014 • by admin • Comments Offcandids, gallery, john mellencamp

Meg and John were in Los Angeles this week. Added two albums with candids to the gallery, showing Meg running some errands and Meg and John getting into their car and arriving at their hotel on Wednesday afternoon.

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Throwback Thursday: As The World Turns

Mar 6, 2014 • by admin • Comments Off#tbt, as the world turns, john mellencamp, television

Just in time for throwback thursday #TBT I came across this old castphoto for the soap As The World Turns from 1983. A very young Meg Ryan can be seen sitting in the first row! Meg was on ATWT from 1992-1984.


Throwback Thursday: Meg Ryan and Hugh Jackman

Feb 27, 2014 • by admin • Comments Off#tbt, kate and leopold, photoshoot

Time for another throwback thursday #TBT item! A collage with pictures from a photoshoot with Meg Ryan and Hugh Jackman early 2002 to promote the movie Kate and Leopold.


Gallery update: Meg and Daisy in Soho

Feb 18, 2014 • by admin • Comments Offcandids, gallery, jack & daisy

Added nearly two dozen new candids to the gallery of Meg and Daisy having fun together while out on a shopping trip in a cold New York City on Monday. Always a pleasure seeing pictures of this duo!

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Gallery update: Meg and John in NYC

Feb 12, 2014 • by admin • Comments Offcandids, gallery, john mellencamp

Added a new set of a dozen candids to the gallery, showing Meg Ryan with John Mellencamp running some errands in NYC on Sunday afternoon. For those who asked: I won’t be reporting on the UK’s The Sun’s FAKE interview. Typical UK tabloid behaviour using old quotes from other sources and fabricating things.

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Throwback Thursday: Philip Seymour Hoffman

Feb 6, 2014 • by admin • Comments Off#tbt, general, movies

It’s time for another throwback thursday #TBT collage. On Sunday 46-year old supertalented actor Philip Seymour Hoffman died in NYC, way too young, way too soon. A heartbreaking story, where after decades of being sober, the actor’s previous heroin addiction sadly caught up with him again, this time with disastrous consequences.

In 1994 a then very young Seymour Hoffman played the recovering ex-alcoholic ‘Gary’ in ‘When A Man Loves A Woman’ opposite Meg Ryan. This collage is made from screencaps of his scenes and the text is from R.E.M.’s song ‘Everybody Hurts’ from the same movie.


A few smaller news tidbits

Feb 6, 2014 • by admin • Comments Offevents, friends, general

If you follow our Twitter account, you will have seen a mention of a photo of Meg Ryan with BFF Laura Dern and Isabella Rosselini last week on Tuesday at a party. Page Six now reports on it:

“Nebraska” director Alexander Payne and Laura Dern — who starred in Payne’s first film, “Citizen Ruth,” in 1996 — had a joint birthday party at the Crosby Street Hotel last week. Spies said the pair, both born Feb. 10, celebrated with guests including Lena Dunham, Jennifer Aniston’s beau Justin Theroux, Mark Ruffalo, Matthew Broderick and Meg Ryan.(…)”

Architectual Digest has a story with photos of John Mellencamp’s South Carolina island home, which he recently had redocorated. The interior is in some ways reminiscent of Meg’s home on Martha’s Vineyard (see the Elle Decor article in the gallery). Meg mention in the online part of the article:

“But this particular house never felt right. Mellencamp’s girlfriend, actress Meg Ryan, however, thought the place had promise, and asked last year, “Why don’t you make it as beautiful as it can be?” Energized by her enthusiasm, he called New York City interior designer Monique Gibson (…).”

And last but not least a little warning: some news websites the past few days have published photos of a woman walking in Soho with a scarf covering most of her face holding a plant, claiming the woman is Meg Ryan. As frequent visitors here will easily spot: it’s not Meg Ryan in the photos but some unknown woman.

News about The Human Comedy movie adaptation

Jan 30, 2014 • by admin • Comments Offjack & daisy, movies

Several newssources including Variety have news about Meg directing and acting in a movie adaption of the book The Human Comedy, that Meg has been working on for a while. Nice to see she is looking to work with her 21 year old talented son Jack.

In the lead-up to the European Film Market at the Berlin Film Festival, international sales and finance company The Exchange has acquired worldwide sales rights to Meg Ryan’s directorial debut “Ithaca,” which she also stars in alongside Sam Shepard, Melanie Griffith and Jack Quaid. Exchange will begin selling rights to buyers in Berlin.

‘Ithaca’ is a deceptively simple story, by turns stark and lyrical,” Ryan said. “It’s sometimes shockingly unsentimental and yet, by some little miracle, never cynical.” Set in a small town in California’s San Joaquin Valley in 1942, “Ithaca” follows a teenage boy, who aspires to be the fastest bicycle messenger ever. His life is changed as he delivers messages to the town’s residents during WWII.

Erik Jendresen (“Band of Brothers”) wrote the screenplay, based on William Saroyan’s novel, “The Human Comedy.” “‘Ithaca’ is a story all can relate to: a quintessential coming-of-age story,” says Exchange CEO Brian O’Shea. “The Exchange is excited to watch Saroyan’s words burst with the kind of joy and energy certain to light up the big screen.”

Gallery update: nineties photoshoot #32

Jan 18, 2014 • by admin • Comments Offgallery, magazines, photoshoot

Added another photoshoot from the nineties to the gallery. It dates back to 1998 and was used for the cover article in Time Out. I also repaired the links to the gallery in the previous post (was the wrong album, sorry).

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Meg and John out and about in Soho

Jan 13, 2014 • by admin • Comments Offcandids, gallery, john mellencamp

Whatever the reason was/is for their ‘time-out’ the past months, Meg and John Mellencamp were seen walking hand in hand in Soho on Saturday on a shopping trip. TY for the pix, L.!

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