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Filming near Richmond has started

Aug 14 • by admin • Comments OffIthaca, movies, video

A story from CBS6 about filming of Ithaca now taking place in the Richmond area, after filming wrapped up in Petersburg earlier this week.

FSR ‘6 Scenes we love from You’ve Got Mail’

Dec 16 • by admin • Comments Offvideo, you've got mail

The website Filmschool Rejects has a very nice feature about their six favorite scenes from the 1998 movie You’ve Got Mail, starring Meg and Tom Hanks. Click HERE to watch the six scenes they chose.

You’ve Got Mail is celebrating its 15th anniversary this week (yes, 15th, also, you’re old, I’m old, we’re all old, but nothing is as old as that dial-up buzzing we hear about 20 times within the film itself). It is stylized as a modern take on the Miklos Laszlo play Pafumerie, which was also the inspiration for the 1940 film The Shop Around the Corner. It’s “modern” because it involves the Internet or, more specifically, AOL chat rooms, early email and the then-wacky possibility that someone could fall in love with a stranger over the net. Ephron, Ryan, and Hanks had previously explored a similar idea with Sleepless – that two strangers could be so destined to be together that they could fall in love via various types of correspondence — but You’ve Got Mail dove right into the burgeoning world of the web while still retaining the sweetness of Shop, which was all about handwritten letters. Like all good romantic comedies, You’ve Got Mail has a big, messy secret at its center: Ryan’s Kathleen Kelly and Hanks’ Joe Fox, a pair who love each other on the Internet without knowing the other’s identity, are actually business rivals in real life. What happens when Joe discovers the truth? Adorableness.(…)

Tattletales Soap Couples Week episode

Aug 30 • by admin • Comments Off#tbt, as the world turns, video

Should have posted this one on Thursday as a #tbt post haha! A golden-oldie from Youtube: a Tattletales Soap Couples Week episode from 1983 with a 21 year old Meg and her As The World Turns partner Frank Runyon as contestants. Click on the picture to be forwarded to the Youtube video with the entire episode!


More video from the Taormina Film Fest

Jul 9 • by admin • Comments Offinterview, movies, video

I have added several more videoclips from the Taormina Film Fest into one video. Too bad in some of the clips they have an Italian voice-over translating everything because that sometime makes it hard to follow, Sorry!

Another video from the Taormina Film Fest

Jun 24 • by admin • Comments Offevents, interview, video

Here is another video clip from the Taormina Film Fest. They asked all the main guests to listen to five audio clips from their own movies and guess which ones they are. This is the one with Meg in it. Will add more footage from the Film Fest later, sorry don’t have the time to edit it into one video right now.

Taormina Film Fest Tao class

Jun 21 • by admin • Comments Offevents, gallery, interview, video

Added over a dozen photos from Meg’s Tao class at the Taormina Film Fest yesterday (the ones the usual celeb-hate sites don’t want you to see, wink wink!). She was interviewed by the Fest director Mari Setti and the audience members. See the posts below for quotes!

Gallery › Appearances › 2013 › Taormina Film Fest Tao class

Also adding a videoclip with some quotes in this post, including the ones about WHMS and Daisy. Wish there was more footage from the interview, but this will have to do for now! Will add more videofootage on Sunday!!

The Amityville Horror Trilogy On Blu-Ray

Apr 10 • by admin • 1 Comment »movies, video

Way back in 1983 Meg starred in one of the Amityville movies, ‘Amityville 3D’. They trilogy is now being released on BluRay. I won’t recommend this movie to you, because I’m not a fan of this trilogy, but it’s fun to see a YouTube clip of the movie with a 21-year old Meg Ryan in it!

Audible ‘A-list collection’ featurette

Jan 10 • by admin • 4 Commentsgeneral, video

The website Audible.com has posted video featurettes for their audiobooks ‘A-list collection’. One of videos features Meg Ryan, who narrated the book ‘The Human Comedy’ by William Saroyan for them last year.

Happy New Year!

Dec 31 • by admin • Comments Offsightings, video

First up, thanks to those who sent me sightings over the past two weeks, including several of Meg and John at the Belk Bowl in Charlotte, NC on Thursday evening for the Duke football match. A big ‘thank you’ in general to everyone who contributed to our fansite this year!

I hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas and for all our visitors: have a Happy New Year! The Huffingtonpost recently posted a lovely mashup of holiday moviescenes in honor of the late Nora Ephron, including Sleepless in Seattle, You’ve Got Mail and When Harry Met Sally. Seemed like a fitting last post for this year. Enjoy!

Meg and John at a basketball game

Dec 10 • by admin • Comments Offvideo

Meg and John Mellencamp attended the basketball game between IU vs Central Connecticut State on Saturday evening in Bloomington; ty those who sent it in. The sportsite BTN has a short videoclip on their webiste, see below. NB Check our site later this week for two sets of movie stills!

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