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Throwback Thursday: Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks

Oct 16 • by admin • Comments Off#tbt, tom hanks, you've got mail

It’s Thursday and the last throwback thursday #TBT picture was over 6 weeks ago, so here’s a new one! It’s another photo from the photoshoot of Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks for Entertainment Weekly back in 1998.


Merry Christmas!

Dec 24 • by admin • Comments Offgeneral, movies, you've got mail

Wishing all of our visitors, and of course Meg and her kids, Happy Holidays and a Merry Christmas! May you all have a lovely time with your loved ones! The pictures below are from the movie You’ve Got Mail.

Speaking of You’ve Got Mail: don’t forget to check our Twitter updates for two articles on that movie, featured this past week on the MTV and People magazine websites!


FSR ‘6 Scenes we love from You’ve Got Mail’

Dec 16 • by admin • Comments Offvideo, you've got mail

The website Filmschool Rejects has a very nice feature about their six favorite scenes from the 1998 movie You’ve Got Mail, starring Meg and Tom Hanks. Click HERE to watch the six scenes they chose.

You’ve Got Mail is celebrating its 15th anniversary this week (yes, 15th, also, you’re old, I’m old, we’re all old, but nothing is as old as that dial-up buzzing we hear about 20 times within the film itself). It is stylized as a modern take on the Miklos Laszlo play Pafumerie, which was also the inspiration for the 1940 film The Shop Around the Corner. It’s “modern” because it involves the Internet or, more specifically, AOL chat rooms, early email and the then-wacky possibility that someone could fall in love with a stranger over the net. Ephron, Ryan, and Hanks had previously explored a similar idea with Sleepless – that two strangers could be so destined to be together that they could fall in love via various types of correspondence — but You’ve Got Mail dove right into the burgeoning world of the web while still retaining the sweetness of Shop, which was all about handwritten letters. Like all good romantic comedies, You’ve Got Mail has a big, messy secret at its center: Ryan’s Kathleen Kelly and Hanks’ Joe Fox, a pair who love each other on the Internet without knowing the other’s identity, are actually business rivals in real life. What happens when Joe discovers the truth? Adorableness.(…)

Throwback Thursday: You’ve Got Mail

May 30 • by admin • Comments Off#tbt, sightings, you've got mail

Sorry for not updating sooner! It’s Thursday again and time for another #tbt collage. It’s two photos from one of my favorite photoshoots ever: Meg and Tom posing for Entertainment Weekly back in 1998 when You’ve Got Mail was about to be released.


‘Lucky Guy’ opening night

Apr 2 • by admin • Comments Offevents, gallery, you've got mail

Meg Ryan attended the ‘Lucky Guy’ Broadway Opening Night at The Broadhurst Theatre and the after party at Gotham Hall last night in New York City. ‘Lucky Guy’ was written by the late Nora Ephron and stars none other than Meg’s three times co-star Tom Hanks.

Gallery › Appearances › 2013 › ‘Lucky Guy’ opening night

You’ve Got Mail movie stills

Dec 22 • by admin • 2 Commentsgallery, moviestills, you've got mail

I have added another bunch of movie stills from ‘You’ve Got Mail’ to the album in the gallery. My favorite together with WHMS. Check back next week for more movie stills!

Gallery › Movies › Movie Stills › You’ve Got Mail

Nora Ephron has passed away

Very very sad news today: Nora Ephron died last night in New York at the age of 71. She had been suffering from accute leukemia, her family has revealed. Norah Ephron was famous and succesful as a writer and director. She wrote the script for When Harry Met Sally and directed Meg and Tom Hanks in Sleepless in Seattle and You’ve Got Mail.

Meg was one of the many celebrities, including Billy Crystal, Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep, who have reacted on the news of her death. Here is Meg’s statement:

“Nora was an era. We pictured ourselves inside her dreams and they became ours. All wisdom, wit and sparkle lights, what a treat she was, what a blessing. I marvel again and again, what a life… To have created a simple happiness in people, to have added to the sum of delight in the world.”

Entertainment Weekly’s Popwatch website has several of the best movie scenes from a.o. You’ve Got Mail and When Harry Meg Sally up at their site. Visit their website with this link. Here’s one example (yes, it’s been posted before, but you can never see this scene too many times!):

Meg’s bf John Mellencamp also paid tribute to Nora Ephron last night. He dedicated one of the songs that he played at his concert in Thunder Bay, Canada to her, called ‘Longest Days’.

A quest for the best Meg Ryan movie eatery

Apr 26 • by admin • Comments Offwhen harry met sally, you've got mail

The website Starring NYC has a great feature about the restaurants featured in some of Meg’s most famous movies. Check out their article and see pix and moviefootage from When Harry Met Sally (Katz’s Delicatessen), You’ve Got Mail (Cafe Lalo) and others!!

“Before Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston started vying for the crown, Meg Ryan held the uncontested title of America’s sweetheart. Two of her most successful movies, When Harry Met Sally and You’ve Got Mail, featured memorable New York City restaurant scenes. The eateries have changed in appearance since then, but even more than a decade later, they still attract plenty of Meg Ryan fans.(…)” SEE THE FOOTAGE AND PHOTOS

‘You’ve Got Mail’ website still online!

Aug 22 • by admin • 1 Comment »movies, you've got mail

Website The Gothamist reported this weekend that the official website for the movie ‘You’ve Got Mail’ is still online in it’s original form…….thirteen years (!) after it went online! So funny to see that ‘old’ website again.

‘A tipster tells us that he “just ran across the original, official You’ve Got Mail website” (how does this happen?), and it’s still functional, offering up a time capsule into website design circa 1998. We just spent ten minutes going down the rabbit hole, a journey that begins here. For the full experience, you are going to want to click on the “here” where it reads: “if you have Flash click the logo or here to enter the site.” Definitely do not skip the intro, it really sets the tone. (…)’

You’ve Got Mail released on Blu-ray

Feb 18 • by admin • 1 Comment »video, you've got mail

Totally missed this one: You’ve Got Mail, starring Meg and Tom Hanks, was recently released on Blu-ray! The disc comes packed with loads of extra’s. If you have the Deluxe Edition, those will look mostly familiair. Here’s more information on the disc from the DVD-talk site:

“For starters there’s an audio commentary with Writer/Director Nora Ephron and Producer Lauren Shuler Donner. There’s also a music-only track for the film, a theatrical trailer, and a music video for Carole King “Anyone of All”.

For meatier content there’s “Delivering You’ve Got Mail”, which is a interview of sorts where Ephron, Hanks, and Ryan talk about various aspects of the film at length. “You’ve Got Chemistry” looks at the on screen chemistry of actors such as Hanks and Ryan, though many other Hollywood pairings are featured more prominently. “HBO First Look: A Conversation with Nora Ephron” features more of Ephron talking about the film prior to its release. “Discover New York’s Upper West Side”, which is a tour of sorts that takes viewers to different locations of the film’s shooting.

All these features are well and good, but one of the biggest treats was the inclusion of the 2002 DVD release of “The Shop Around the Corner”. This 1940 movie directed by Ernst Lubitsch stars Margaret Sullavan, James Stewart, and Frank Morgan. This is the film that inspired You’ve Got Mail and it’s a worthwhile romantic comedy in its own right.”

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