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Throwback Thursday: When Harry Met Sally

Jan 8 • by admin • Comments Off#tbt, when harry met sally

Happy New Year to all our visitors! Starting the fansite’s year with a throwback thursday #TBT photo. Another gem from the When Harry Met Sally set in 1988, showing Meg Ryan with Rob Reiner and Billy Crystal.


Throwback Thursday: Joe Versus The Volcano

Dec 18 • by admin • Comments Off#tbt, joe versus the volcano, tom hanks

It’s time for another #TBT Throwback Thursday picture. This one shows Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks in ‘Joe Versus The Volcano’ (1990). It was already on our Facebook page some weeks ago, but forgot to post it here! You can find another new #TBT picture (click) today on our Facebook page.


New quotes from Meg about Tom Hanks

Dec 6 • by admin • Comments Offinterview, Ithaca, tom hanks

The Washington Post has an excellent article this week on Tom Hanks, who has been named a Kennedy Center honoree, with a new quote from Meg Ryan about Tom Hanks.

Making movies, Hanks says, is simply “more fun than anything [else] I can imagine.” It’s more than the action. He loves the conversations he has with people on the set, and not just with other actors, but sometimes the unit photographer or crew members. That curiosity, that desire to connect with others, has not gone unnoticed. Meg Ryan, who has starred with Hanks in two of his most successful films, “You’ve Got Mail” and “Sleepless in Seattle,” has watched him pepper other people with questions.

“It’s just so lovely and contagious,” she says. “And it does mark him as different, not just from actors but from people.”

And the recent Bunte article had this new quote from Meg about working with Tom Hanks on the set of ‘Ithaca’ this summer in Virginia.

“Isn’t it wonderful? He has a small part, only a few scenes, but he is just fantastic. When he left (the set) after ten hours, everyone was in love with him. He was open, he was there for me and he made everything more easy. He flew in especially for this and did me a huge favor.”

William Saroyan Playwriting Prize for Human Rights

Nov 25 • by admin • Comments Offgeneral, Ithaca, movies

Meg Ryan and her team for the movie ‘Ithaca’, which was filmed this summer in Virginia, will be special honorees at the 2014 William Saroyan Playwriting Prize for Human Rights / Social Justice Gala.

LOS ANGELES — To kick off Human Rights Day, The Armenian Dramatic Arts Alliance (ADAA) will award the $10,000 2014 William Saroyan Playwriting Prize for Human Rights / Social Justice at a gala event on Dec. 6 at the Pasadena Playhouse.

Special honorees include Meg Ryan and her co-producers Erik Jendresen, Janet Brenner and Laura Ivey for “Ithaca,” a new film version of Saroyan’s “The Human Comedy” premiering in 2015. Accepting for them will be “Ithaca” star Alex Neustaedter, who will show “sneak peek” production stills. Saroyan’s story for the 1943 film won an Academy Award.(…) FULL STORY HERE

Throwback Thursday: Sleepless In Seattle

Nov 13 • by admin • Comments Off#tbt, sleepless in seattle, tom hanks

It’s time for another #TBT Throwback Thursday picture. Another polaroid from Sleepless In Seattle’s production manager Jeffrey Townsend. Click on the screencap to see a much larger version.


New old photo of Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks

Nov 1 • by admin • Comments Off#tbt, sleepless in seattle, tom hanks

Here is a never before seen polaroid picture of Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks when they were filming ‘Sleepless In Seattle’ in 1992. The picture was taken by production manager Jeffrey Townsend. Click on the thumbnail to be forwarded to the full sized picture on his Facebook page and the story behind it.


More information on the movie ‘Fan Girl’

Oct 27 • by admin • Comments OffFan girl, movies

Several movie and entertainment sites have reported on the cast for the movie ‘Fan Girl’ late last week. What they left out of their reports however, is the fact that the movie was already filmed in late August and September on Long Island and in Brooklyn and is now in post-production. See our post from early September [HERE] for more information and photos from the set.

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 23 (UPI) — Meg Ryan and Kiernan Shipka have been cast in Fan Girl. The new teen comedy follows a 15-year-old girl who spends her time making movies and obsessing over her favorite band. The character comes up with an idea to combine her two pastimes for a final film project.

Maryland pop punk band All Time Low will appear as themselves and contribute to the movie’s soundtrack. Kara Hayward (Moonrise Kingdom), Scott Adsit (30 Rock), Bill Sage (We Are What We Are) and Joshua Boone also star.

Throwback Thursday: Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks

Oct 16 • by admin • Comments Off#tbt, tom hanks, you've got mail

It’s Thursday and the last throwback thursday #TBT picture was over 6 weeks ago, so here’s a new one! It’s another photo from the photoshoot of Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks for Entertainment Weekly back in 1998.


Several recent Meg mentions

Sep 15 • by admin • Comments Offgeneral, gossip, Ithaca

While Meg Ryan has been filming scenes for the indie movie ‘Fan Girl’ the past weeks, she has been mentioned in several stories about ‘Ithaca’ (which wrapped August 21st). First a story from Newsadvance.com about an extra in the movie:

Olivia Dodson, 40, has always been an artsy person. Last month, the Amherst resident appeared as an extra in Meg Ryan’s directorial debut, “Ithaca,” filmed in Petersburg. It was Dodson’s first time as an extra in any film. “The best part of Ithaca was … you have all these legends from Hollywood that are so hands-on and so professional. You hear about people from movies having tantrums and having demands and it just wasn’t like that,” Dodson said.(…)

The following Thursday, Dodson arrived to the set and was able to get an up-close look at a woman who ordinarily can be seen on the silver screen. Dodson’s impression of Ryan differed from criticism in tabloids. “When I saw her and she was an inch from me she looked like a perfect little pixie,” Dodson said. “She was 52 and looked 32.” The actress also displayed a conscientious attitude toward her cast and was careful not to hurt anyone’s feelings; after a shoot, Ryan would yell “Fantastic!” “Incredible!” Dodson said. “If she had to say something about someone, she was very nice to everyone.” (…) READ MORE HERE

Also, there has been an auction of several items used for filming the movie Ithaca this past Sunday, with part of the money being donated to the Legacy Media Institute’s upcoming International Film Festival in Petersburg. You can read more about it at their Petersburg PickersFacebook page and their website.

And today the Times-Dispatch has a Meg-mention about her promoting Petersburg Virginia as a possible place to film to Disney.

Filming scenes for ‘Fan Girl’ in Westbury

Sep 6 • by admin • Comments OffFan girl, movies

Meg Ryan has been shooting some scenes for an indie movie called ‘Fan Girl’ on Long Island this week. The Westbury times has an article on it with two photos [HERE]:

Post Avenue turned into a movie set last night as film crews came to The Space to shoot Fangirl, an upcoming movie starring Meg Ryan.

Residents and local shop owners stood nearby to watch as Ryan, sporting her signature pixie cut, stood in front of the Space talking to costars. Someone called “quiet on set,” and cameras rolled as Ryan walked out of the theater talking a male costar. The two then got into a limo parked in front of the theater. Crews will continue to shoot Friday afternoon on Post Avenue.

And [here] is more general information on the project. Not sure what part Meg has in it, next to actresses Kiernan Shipka, Kara Hayward and singer Alex Gaskarth.

Film crews have one again descended on Port Washington.

On Wednesday, Irma Avenue outside Coffeed, the popular coffee shop, was abuzz with lights and cameras. The crew was filming “Fangirl,” according to a source familiar with the independent project.

The young-adult novel, “Fangirl,” by Rainbow Rowell, tells the tale of twin teenage sisters about to enter college. One writes fan fiction about the hearth-throb Simon Snow, the other has moved on. To add to the drama, the girls are coping with a dad who suffers from manic spells, and a mom who has resurfaced after walking away from the family 10 years earlier. (…)

Go [HERE] or click on the collage below to be forwarded to our Facebook page where you can find more pictures from the movieset in today’s and yesterday’s posts.


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