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People Magazine: #FAIL

Aug 28 • by admin • Comments Offgossip, magazines

First up: TY, Simone, for sending me this article! There used to be a time when People Magazine reigned supreme amongst the entertainment and gossip magazines. That was a long time ago and the magazine has been on the fast-track downhill for the past years, but did they really have to prove that again?LOL!

On the cover the magazine ‘promises’ to take us ‘inside Meg Ryan’s split’, but in the short article inside they have absolutely zero information to back that claim up. They clearly are clueless as to what happend and when it happened. They failed to do research and used fake ‘sources’. Don’t waste your time or money on it.

My ‘favorite’ part is the opening paragraph of the article though: “Meg Ryan has always kept a low profile on the tiny island of Chappaquiddick where she spends her summers. But this year she was even less on the scene there and in neighbouring Martha’s Vinyeard, skipping her regular coffee run (…) and bypassing (…) an eatery she has frequented in years past with her daughter Daisy. Stopping by MorningGloryFarm on her bicycle on Aug 24, she stuck to her polite-but-dont-ask-me-for-a-selfie mode. Says clerk Mira Vasiljevic: “she was very nice and seemed happy.”

Yeah, gee, People Magazine, ya think perhaps the reason for Meg Ryan being ‘invisible’ on the scene there this summer untill last weekend is because she has not spent a single day there this summer (!!),as she has been working non-stop prepping and directing a movie until last Friday?! Of course, the magazine completely lacks more interesting info like oh say, the split happend months ago and her buying an apartment in Soho last year. Rant over.

Gallery update: new magazine clippings

Mar 9 • by admin • Comments Offgallery, magazine scans, magazines

Added a bunch of magazine clippings to the gallery. They originate from various European and US magazines from the years 2009, 2013 and 2014.

Photo Album
⇒ Magazines › clippings › Various clippings

Gallery update: nineties photoshoot #32

Jan 18 • by admin • Comments Offgallery, magazines, photoshoot

Added another photoshoot from the nineties to the gallery. It dates back to 1998 and was used for the cover article in Time Out. I also repaired the links to the gallery in the previous post (was the wrong album, sorry).

Photo Album
⇒ Photoshoots › Nineties › Nineties 023

Gioia magazine scans and candids update!

Jul 22 • by admin • Comments Offcandids, gallery, magazines

Two new albums have been added to the gallery! The first is a new set of candids, showing Meg and a friend walking near the Greenwich hotel in Tribeca yesterday afternoon. The second are scans from an article in Italy’s Gioia Magazine. It’s not an interview, as they claim, but it does have some good quotes from the Taormina Tao Class that have not been published elsewhere. Big thank you to Luciana for the scans!

Gallery › Candids › 2013 › Out and about in NYC
Gallery › Magazines › Articles › Gioia Magazine

New magazine clippings

Sorry for not updating the site sooner. I have added several recent magazine clippings to the gallery. They are from UK’s Total Film Magazine, US People Magazine and Globe Magazine.

Gallery › Magazines › clippings › Clippings 2013

Rolling Stone article about Tom Hanks

Nov 3 • by admin • 4 Commentsfriends, interview, magazines

Rolling Stone magazine had a long piece about Tom Hanks in it’s November 8 issue, including several new quotes from Meg about her friend and three times co-star.

Friends describing Hanks (…) ‘His friend Meg Ryan calls him “easy and fun and relaxed and smart and tough and just a pretty consistent character.”’

The article describes how Tom is an expert in dealing with ‘celebrity transactions’, dealing with how people react when they see someone famous ‘(…) Ryan remembers one of those “We were shooting something in New York” she says “and we were sitting on a bus bench, and in between takes, this bus came by and people waved at us. At the time I felt so embarrassed – like ‘Ohhhh god’ and Tom just looked at me and went ‘What’s the big deal? Just wave back! It’s a wave!’. Sometimes as a famous person you make the mistake of interpreting people’s interest in you as personal. But it’s all a goof – and he seems to have always known it.”’

The article describes how the general public seems not to really know all that much about the real Tom Hanks ‘(…) Meg Ryan agrees “I think the pleasure with Tom is that he has complications, but we’re not really gonna know what those complications are,” she says. “I think that’s smart. Movie stardom is a lot about suggestion: You have to be a blank enough canvas so people can project their feelings about what a good guy is. And there isn’t much Tom has done to dispute that. He’s wise enough to suggest that we know him – even though we also know we don’t.”’ Source

The article also has a quote from the short & sweet piece Meg wrote about Tom Hanks for Time Magazine’s 2009 ‘Time 100’.

Redbook PBS/Half The Sky article

Sep 21 • by admin • 1 Comment »Half The Sky, magazines, meg ryan

Redbook magazine has an article up at their website and in the September issue of their magazine about the upcoming PBS/Half The Sky documentary. The article features quotes from four of the actresses involved with the project. Below you can read Meg’s comments and see the page from the magazine.

“When you educate a boy, you educate a boy. When you educate a girl, you educate a village.”(…) “Nick took me to Cambodia to meet girls who had been sold into the sex trade. Girls get sold by families who are desperately poor, and if they escape and go to the police, the cops will just sell them back into prostitution. Right now, it’s more punishable to pirate a DVD than to sell a girl into the sex trade. Amazingly, these girls don’t see themselves as victims. They have dreams, and believe that with help, they can change their circumstances. And they’re right. If we can keep them in school and out of slavery, we will change not only their lives but the lives of everyone around them.”

HOW TO HELP: “Be aware,” says Meg. “But also,” says Nick Kristof, “realize that what we saw in Cambodia happens at home, too. In America we still arrest far more prostitutes than we do pimps or customers.” Support programs like the Somaly Mam Foundation abroad (somaly.org), which helps girls escape sexual slavery, and GEMS (gems-girls.org), which does the same work here in the U.S. SOURCE

InStyle March 2012 HQ scan

Feb 12 • by admin • 1 Comment »gallery, magazine scans, magazines

Here’s an HQ scan of an article in the March 2012 issue of InStyle, ‘We’re inspired by: Meg Ryan, 1987′. Big thanks to Dann from Rose Connection for donating the scan!!

∞ Clippings 2012∞ US InStyle March 2012

Elle Decoration Germany

Sep 6 • by admin • Comments Offgallery, magazine scans, magazines

The German version of Elle Decor, called Elle Decoration in it’s October/November issue now also features Meg’s gorgeous vacation home on Martha’s Vineyard. Thanks for these, R!
Also, some extra information re: the possible new movieproject has been added, scroll two posts down.

>> Magazines: Elle Decoration Germany

Outtakes Elle Decor photoshoot

Jul 9 • by admin • Comments Offgallery, magazines, photoshoot

Three new outtakes from the photoshoot for the Elle Decor article about Meg’s vacation property on Martha’s Vineyard have shown up. Thanks J!!.


>> Photoshoots: Elle Decor outtakes

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