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Tom Hanks in Richmond to film scenes for ‘Ithaca’

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Yay! Tom Hanks has been in Richmond Va. for the past couple of days to film some scenes for Meg’s movie Ithaca. Word is Tom will make an appearace as the late husband of Meg’s character. Can’t wait to see if they have a scene together or if it is just him! Filming is taking place during the day and evening at the historic Tree Hill Farm outside of Richmond. Read more about it [here] at the CBS6 website and check our previous posts for more photos and video!

ETA: if you love Tom Hanks – and really, who doesn’t?! – be sure to download his free typewriter app for your iPad, the Hanx Writer!

PS, no this site will not be reporting on the latest from US cheap tabloid magazine Closer Weekly,as they are not a reputable source and the mistakes in their article are more proof of that. As we pointed out a few posts below, Meg Ryan ended her relationship with Mellencamp already in June and this wasn’t about ‘privacy’. Meg is a much more private person than talkative Mellencamp is anyway.

Ithaca to be filmed in Virginia and more news

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Warning: this will be a long post with several quotes, newsbits and rumors, all regarding Ithaca, so be sure to scroll down all the way. It’s official now: Ithaca will be filmed in Richmond and Petersburg in Virginia, in July and August. Here’s some quotes from the Richmond Times Dispatch:

Gov. Terry McAuliffe announced Friday that “Ithaca,” directed by actress Meg Ryan, will be filmed in the Richmond-Petersburg area this summer. Ryan will also play a role in the movie along with her son, Jack Quaid, and Sam Shepard, who owns a home in the Charlottesville area.

The film is based on William Saroyan’s book “The Human Comedy,” from 1942. It is set in a small California town during World War II and tells the story of a teenage boy forced to take care of his siblings and mother while his older brother is abroad fighting in the war. (…)

“We couldn’t be happier that Meg Ryan has chosen Virginia as the location for her directorial debut,” McAuliffe said in a statement. “‘Ithaca’ is a heart-warming story, and we are proud that it will be shot in the commonwealth. We are excited to have the opportunity to work with Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks on this film about an important time in American history.” (…)

Ryan said in a statement that the welcome she has received from McAuliffe and Virginia has been lovely. “We’re happily surprised by the cinemagraphic opportunities, the talent of the filmmaking community and the variety of resources at our disposal. We couldn’t be more delighted to be here,” Ryan said. (…)

Melanie Griffith is no longer part of the cast. She explained at a film fest in Italy that her scene was no longer in the script. From The Hollywood Reporter

Griffith also announced that she would not appear in Ithaca, the planned directorial debut of longtime friend Meg Ryan, a guest in Taormina a year ago. “I am still a big supporter of the project, but I was informed that the scene I was supposed to be in has been cut from the film,” she said.

Now for the rumor, first a WARNING: There is no confirmation for either story, so no idea if there is any truth to these stories.

So far it was always assumed Tom Hanks would just be linked to the movie as a producer. But some people claim Tom may make an appearance in the movie after all, as the late father of the boy. From The Tracking Board

Hanks will play the compassionate ghost of Homer’s father, Matthew Macauley, who appears only to Homer’s mother (played by Ryan).(…)

Meg and John out and about in Soho

May 30 • by admin • Comments Offcandids, gallery, john mellencamp

Meg and John Mellencamp were seen crossing a street while walking home from the gym in Soho on Tuesday morning. Added six large candids to the gallery.

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Gallery update: Meg, Daisy and John in Soho

Apr 15 • by admin • Comments Offcandids, jack & daisy, john mellencamp

Added a dozen new candids to the gallery, showing Meg, Daisy and John Mellencamp crossing a street in Soho, NYC, this past weekend. The NYPost gossip website Page Six had another sighting of Meg and John in Soho on Sunday: ‘JOHN Mellencamp and Meg Ryan on Mercer Street in Soho on Sunday afternoon “looking very happy, very together and very much in love,” a spy reports.’

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Gallery update: out and about in Los Angeles

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Meg and John were in Los Angeles this week. Added two albums with candids to the gallery, showing Meg running some errands and Meg and John getting into their car and arriving at their hotel on Wednesday afternoon.

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Throwback Thursday: As The World Turns

Mar 6 • by admin • Comments Off#tbt, as the world turns, john mellencamp, television

Just in time for throwback thursday #TBT I came across this old castphoto for the soap As The World Turns from 1983. A very young Meg Ryan can be seen sitting in the first row! Meg was on ATWT from 1992-1984.


Gallery update: Meg and John in NYC

Feb 12 • by admin • Comments Offcandids, gallery, john mellencamp

Added a new set of a dozen candids to the gallery, showing Meg Ryan with John Mellencamp running some errands in NYC on Sunday afternoon. For those who asked: I won’t be reporting on the UK’s The Sun’s FAKE interview. Typical UK tabloid behaviour using old quotes from other sources and fabricating things.

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Meg and John out and about in Soho

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Whatever the reason was/is for their ‘time-out’ the past months, Meg and John Mellencamp were seen walking hand in hand in Soho on Saturday on a shopping trip. TY for the pix, L.!

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Meg, Daisy and Jack in Los Angeles

Dec 24 • by admin • Comments Offcandids, gallery, jack & daisy, john mellencamp

Meg and Daisy are in Los Angeles and were out with Meg’s son Jack the past days. Added a new album to the gallery with pictures of Meg and daughter Daisy while out and about in Los Angeles this weekend. Yesterday, Meg, Jack and Daisy were at Disneyland together. Thanks for sending in sightings! Updated: will have pictures from Disneyland up later this week!

And to conclude this post, here is an extra ‘Christmas bonus’: Meg’s son Jack posted two cute videos on his public twitter page of his sister Daisy when they were at a museum in LA on Sunday. You can view them [HERE] and [HERE].

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Meg and John out and about in NYC

Sep 7 • by admin • Comments Offcandids, gallery, john mellencamp

Meg and John were seen out and about in Soho yesterday, buying some painting supplies and joking aroung with Meg’s hat. Earlier in the day Meg was already pictured carrying several paint buckets. As Bob Ross would say: Happy Painting! Don’t miss the update to our previous post from earlier this week!

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