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Billy Crystal talks WHMS and Chaplin Award Gala

May 6 • by admin • Comments Offevents, interview, when harry met sally

Third and last update for today (scroll below to see the other two!). Entertainment Weekly had Mindy Kaling interview Billy Crystal last week. In it, he talks about his chemistry with Meg Ryan and their reunion last week at the Chaplin Award Gala. LOVE these quotes!

CRYSTAL: Well, we were casting the movie, I was cast before she was. So many terrific actresses came in — all really, to this day, very strong, terrific, present talents and very well known, all of whom we had a good thing. It was always, “Well, she could do it. She could do it. She’d be great. She’d be great.” And then Meg came in and we didn’t even read a scene, and we all knew it was her. It’s just one of those indefinable things that when we started talking we were them already, you know? And what was really interesting was Meg had auditioned for Throw Momma From the Train (1987), which was the movie I did before Harry and Sally, to play my girlfriend, and the same thing happened. It was right after she was in Top Gun, and she was so great in Top Gun. And she came in and Danny DeVito was directing the movie, and I said, “Well, God, it’s so natural.” And I said, “What was that? We weren’t even trying and it was just great.” And he didn’t cast her because he felt for that character he wanted that she was a tad young. And I’ve always wondered if Danny had cast her and she had played my girlfriend, would Rob [Reiner] have said, “Well, I just saw you do that. I want something fresh.” I don’t know. But the mystery of Meg and I was just — there was no mystery. We just hit it off.

KALING: You just hit it off…
CRYSTAL: It’s like a love at first sight. And I’ll tell you an interesting anecdote, and I’m sorry you weren’t there, because I know how much you love the movie.

KALING: Oh yes, we did an episode [of The Mindy Project] called “Harry & Sally,” and everyone loved it the most, and then the finale has to do a lot with it.
CRYSTAL: So, Monday Rob was honored at Lincoln Center–

KALING: I read about this, yes.
CRYSTAL: And Meg and I walked out on stage together for the first time as a couple in 25 years. We’ve rarely seen each other over time — once in a while, you know how that is. So, when Rob was being honored, we got in touch and we started e-mailing, and we talked on the phone a couple of times, [talking about] what we might want to say and what to stay away from and so on and so forth. Then she came over and we spent an hour together on Sunday, the day before the event, and it was like it had never stopped. We both went, “Isn’t this something?” We just fell into each other all over again.

CRYSTAL: My Burns and her Gracie, you know, it really was that all over again. It was just, I hate this word, but it was delicious. So then when we walked out on stage together to “It Had to Be You” — nobody had any idea we were together. They snuck her in and out of Lincoln Center.

KALING: Oh, my God, I would have passed out.
CRYSTAL: And we walked out and the people went crazy. And we got to the podium and we just started talking, told stories, overlapped each other, giggled with each other. Besides the audience loving it, I said to them, “For those of you who wanted a sequel all these years, well, this is it.” And then we walked offstage and there was a monitor backstage and it showed the New Year’s Eve scene — the last scene in the movie where I had that speech to her — and we just held hands and looked at it. And [my character is] telling her, “You’re the last person I want to talk to before I go to sleep at night…,” “…when you want the rest of your life to start right away” — you know, all of those great lines. And we just looked at each other and just smiled and hugged each other. It was, like, perfect. It was really perfect. So, it’s that undefinable kind of thing that you call “chemistry” that I call…it’s like a magic that happens. It’s kismet. It’s meant to be. And you don’t have that with a lot of people.

KALING: It’s incredible that it didn’t feel like any time had passed. That, to me, is really the most remarkable thing.
CRYSTAL: It was astounding. And really Rob, who put us together, really created happily ever after for people with this movie. You believe in happily ever after. That’s why there was no sequel. We talked about it with [writer] Nora [Ephron] on and off, and we said, “Why? What are you going to do?” You know, “Where do you go?” People want to believe they’re okay, then they’re fine. (…) SOURCE

Grazia and Donna Moderna magazine scans

Aug 11 • by admin • Comments Offgallery, interview, magazine scans

I’ve added two set of scans from Italian magazines ‘Grazia’ and ‘Donna Moderna’ to the gallery. Both contain quotes from her ‘Tao-class’ at the Taormina festifal. It’s in Italian, but with Google Translate and using some common sense, you will be able to read it. The Grazia article is the more interesting of the two, because it has some new quotes.

Gallery › Magazines › Articles › Grazia Italia
Gallery › Magazines › Articles › Donna Moderna

More video from the Taormina Film Fest

Jul 9 • by admin • Comments Offinterview, movies, video

I have added several more videoclips from the Taormina Film Fest into one video. Too bad in some of the clips they have an Italian voice-over translating everything because that sometime makes it hard to follow, Sorry!

Another video from the Taormina Film Fest

Jun 24 • by admin • Comments Offevents, interview, video

Here is another video clip from the Taormina Film Fest. They asked all the main guests to listen to five audio clips from their own movies and guess which ones they are. This is the one with Meg in it. Will add more footage from the Film Fest later, sorry don’t have the time to edit it into one video right now.

Taormina Film Fest Tao class

Jun 21 • by admin • Comments Offevents, gallery, interview, video

Added over a dozen photos from Meg’s Tao class at the Taormina Film Fest yesterday (the ones the usual celeb-hate sites don’t want you to see, wink wink!). She was interviewed by the Fest director Mari Setti and the audience members. See the posts below for quotes!

Gallery › Appearances › 2013 › Taormina Film Fest Tao class

Also adding a videoclip with some quotes in this post, including the ones about WHMS and Daisy. Wish there was more footage from the interview, but this will have to do for now! Will add more videofootage on Sunday!!

More quotes from the Taormina Film Fest

Jun 21 • by admin • Comments Offevents, interview

Here’s a few quotes from several articles about the so-called Tao-class, where Meg was interviewed by the film festival’s director Mario Sesti and young people were allowed to ask her all kinds of questions about her movies and career. Posting photos and a few minutes of videofootage to follow soon!

“James Gandolfini was an incredible actor. I met him several times … I was a fan of the show (Soprano’s). I went several times in one week to his play in NYC, ‘God of Carnage’ and spoke to him backstage. It’s an enormous loss, he could have performed any role,”

“I think it’s a natural evolution to want to direct. After so long of making movies, you want to tell something of your own. So two years ago I decided I would like to direct a movie and I have been working on a project. (…) Just before I left New York, I was told the actors that I wanted for the cast, have accepted, which gives me great satisfaction”

“The job of an actor is to use themselves as an instrument to reach out to the audience. I do not think there is big difference between making people laugh and cry, you’re always trying to provoke a reaction.”

“Be creative, develop a love for words because this will transform you into the best actors and directors. and above all, do not take yourself too seriously.”

“My son, who is 21, has a real gift for comedy. And luckily he also is a good writer, which will help him make his way. He is very talented. He has his own agent and does not need my advice.”

Here are links to two excellent articles with much more elaborate quotes. They’re in Italian, but if you use Google Translate or something similar you’ll understand it pretty easily.

Meg ti presento Toarmina / Cinematografo.it: In this one Meg talks amongst other things about working with directors like Jane Campion and Norah Ephron and what she learned from them.
Meg Ryan, regina della commedia / 4UIK.com: More about Norah Ephron and directing movies.

Article from The Hollywood Reporter

Jun 21 • by admin • Comments Offevents, interview

The first of four updates today! The Hollywood Reporter had an very nice article yesterday about Meg’s interview in front of an audience at the Taormina Film Fest yesterday morning.

“TAORMINA, Sicily – Sleepless in Seattle star Meg Ryan arrived at the Taormina Film Festival on Thursday, injecting some much-needed levity into an event grappling with the death of James Gandolfini, who had been expected to be part of the 59-year-old fest’s grand finale Saturday.

Flashing her trademark smile and often giggling as she recounted career anecdotes throughout an hourlong Tao Class Thursday, Ryan was just what the doctor ordered.

Festival artistic director Mario Sesti, the Tao Class host, steered clear of the Gandolfini tragedy Thursday, leaving Ryan free to wow the enthusiastic audience with tales from her storied career, including two anecdotes connected with the famous restaurant orgasm scene from When Harry Met Sally … . In one question, a local student asked whether that scene ever made her subsequent boyfriends doubt her sincerity in bed as a result of her proven ability to fake her pleasure.

“I can’t believe I’ve never been asked that before!” Ryan exclaimed. “Well, no, I don’t think so. I never got any complaints” — a line she lifted from co-star Billy Crystal, which set up the whole scene.

Ryan also said that her 8-year-old daughter, Daisy True, was taken on a school field trip to Katz’s Delicatessen in New York, where the scene was filmed. There, her daughter was confronted by a framed photo of her mother in the throes of passion from the film.

“She asked me what was happening in the photo,” Ryan said. “I explained that I’d tell her about it in a few years.”

Ryan also talked about the joy of working with talented male leads in her career, singling out Tom Hanks, whom she starred with in Sleepless in Seattle, Joe Versus the Volcano and You’ve Got Mail, and the difference between working with male and female directors.

“Often with a male director, the female lead is not the subject of the film but an object,” Ryan said. “But a female director tells the story through the female actors. It’s easier.”

Ryan’s arrival at the picturesque cliffside Sicilian festival was the highlight of a day that also includes the Italian premiere of Trance, a crime drama from Danny Boyle set to screen in Taormina’s 2,400-year-old Teatro Antico venue. Ryan will receive the festival Tao Arte award before the screening.(…)” SOURCE

Helen Mirren talks ‘When Harry Met Sally’

Nov 21 • by admin • 2 Commentsinterview, when harry met sally

In an interview this week with Moviefone, Helen Mirren was asked about the short comedy skit ‘When Harry Met Sally II’ that she did with Billy Crystal last year.

Q: Can you shed some light on “When Harry Met Sally 2”? How did you get involved in that?
A: [Laughs] “Oh, Billy Crystal rung me up and asked me and I just thought it’d be a funny thing to do. It taught me a lesson on how brilliant Meg Ryan was. Because when you’re trying to recreate what she did it was sort of impossible. Because she was so good at it! Her timing and everything was so brilliant. She is a great comedienne and it was very difficult to emulate her.”

Rolling Stone article about Tom Hanks

Nov 3 • by admin • 4 Commentsfriends, interview, magazines

Rolling Stone magazine had a long piece about Tom Hanks in it’s November 8 issue, including several new quotes from Meg about her friend and three times co-star.

Friends describing Hanks (…) ‘His friend Meg Ryan calls him “easy and fun and relaxed and smart and tough and just a pretty consistent character.”’

The article describes how Tom is an expert in dealing with ‘celebrity transactions’, dealing with how people react when they see someone famous ‘(…) Ryan remembers one of those “We were shooting something in New York” she says “and we were sitting on a bus bench, and in between takes, this bus came by and people waved at us. At the time I felt so embarrassed – like ‘Ohhhh god’ and Tom just looked at me and went ‘What’s the big deal? Just wave back! It’s a wave!’. Sometimes as a famous person you make the mistake of interpreting people’s interest in you as personal. But it’s all a goof – and he seems to have always known it.”’

The article describes how the general public seems not to really know all that much about the real Tom Hanks ‘(…) Meg Ryan agrees “I think the pleasure with Tom is that he has complications, but we’re not really gonna know what those complications are,” she says. “I think that’s smart. Movie stardom is a lot about suggestion: You have to be a blank enough canvas so people can project their feelings about what a good guy is. And there isn’t much Tom has done to dispute that. He’s wise enough to suggest that we know him – even though we also know we don’t.”’ Source

The article also has a quote from the short & sweet piece Meg wrote about Tom Hanks for Time Magazine’s 2009 ‘Time 100’.

‘Anderson Live’ video added

Oct 5 • by admin • 1 Comment »Half The Sky, interview, video

Here is the ‘Anderson Live’ video segment with Meg Ryan, Olivia Wilde, America Ferrera and Gabrielle Union which aired in the US and Canada on Monday October 1st. And don’t miss the [backstage photobooth] photo of Anderson Cooper and his famous guests.

If you live in the US and missed it on TV, you can still watch the PBS Half The Sky documentary online [on their website] untill Monday! If you would like to help the Somaly Mam Foundation with a donation, you can [go here] and buy one of their beautiful handmade Empowerment products!