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Meg and John Mellencamp seen together in New York

Oct 19 • by admin • Comments Offcandids, friends, gossip

Several gossip websites like US Weekly and People Magazine had reports and a few photos of Meg Ryan and John Mellencamp hanging out together in NYC this past week. You can check out the photos [IN THIS VIDEO] at the beginning of the clip and about 30sec. in., after the commercial ends .

Looking comfortable and relaxed together, Ryan, 52, and Mellencamp, 62, strolled through Manhattan’s SoHo neighborhood, stopping by the Scholastic children’s bookstore.

As it is, the “Jack and Diane” singer had seemed to be holding out hope that he and the Sleepless in Seattle star would be working things out.

Hinting that he and Ryan, who began dating three years ago, had never quite broken up, the rocker told the Associated Press on Sept. 26: “I’m very happy with the time I’ve spent with Meg Ryan. She’s a beautiful girl and I know that I will never, ever, ever be with a funnier girl than her. Not gonna happen. I’m grateful for the three and a half years we’ve been together.”

He also left the door open to the possibility that they could work out their differences. When asked if he and Ryan might reunite, he replied, “Nothing’s over. I never say ‘die’ for anything. Do you ever quit on anything?”

On Sept. 25, on NBC’s Today to promote his new album, Plain Spoken, Mellencamp again talked about Ryan, telling Matt Lauer, “She’s an angel sent to me, and I’m very happy. And, you know, nothing’s over ’til it’s over.”

It’s a sentiment he clings to. Just a day earlier, on SiriusXM’s Howard Stern Show, he called Ryan an angel “sent to me at the right time. We tried to have a relationship for three years – long distance. We’ll see what happens.”

Reps for Mellencamp and Ryan could not be reached for comment. SOURCE

Several recent Meg mentions

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While Meg Ryan has been filming scenes for the indie movie ‘Fan Girl’ the past weeks, she has been mentioned in several stories about ‘Ithaca’ (which wrapped August 21st). First a story from Newsadvance.com about an extra in the movie:

Olivia Dodson, 40, has always been an artsy person. Last month, the Amherst resident appeared as an extra in Meg Ryan’s directorial debut, “Ithaca,” filmed in Petersburg. It was Dodson’s first time as an extra in any film. “The best part of Ithaca was … you have all these legends from Hollywood that are so hands-on and so professional. You hear about people from movies having tantrums and having demands and it just wasn’t like that,” Dodson said.(…)

The following Thursday, Dodson arrived to the set and was able to get an up-close look at a woman who ordinarily can be seen on the silver screen. Dodson’s impression of Ryan differed from criticism in tabloids. “When I saw her and she was an inch from me she looked like a perfect little pixie,” Dodson said. “She was 52 and looked 32.” The actress also displayed a conscientious attitude toward her cast and was careful not to hurt anyone’s feelings; after a shoot, Ryan would yell “Fantastic!” “Incredible!” Dodson said. “If she had to say something about someone, she was very nice to everyone.” (…) READ MORE HERE

Also, there has been an auction of several items used for filming the movie Ithaca this past Sunday, with part of the money being donated to the Legacy Media Institute’s upcoming International Film Festival in Petersburg. You can read more about it at their Petersburg PickersFacebook page and their website.

And today the Times-Dispatch has a Meg-mention about her promoting Petersburg Virginia as a possible place to film to Disney.

People Magazine: #FAIL

Aug 28 • by admin • Comments Offgossip, magazines

First up: TY, Simone, for sending me this article! There used to be a time when People Magazine reigned supreme amongst the entertainment and gossip magazines. That was a long time ago and the magazine has been on the fast-track downhill for the past years, but did they really have to prove that again?LOL!

On the cover the magazine ‘promises’ to take us ‘inside Meg Ryan’s split’, but in the short article inside they have absolutely zero information to back that claim up. They clearly are clueless as to what happend and when it happened. They failed to do research and used fake ‘sources’. Don’t waste your time or money on it.

My ‘favorite’ part is the opening paragraph of the article though: “Meg Ryan has always kept a low profile on the tiny island of Chappaquiddick where she spends her summers. But this year she was even less on the scene there and in neighbouring Martha’s Vinyeard, skipping her regular coffee run (…) and bypassing (…) an eatery she has frequented in years past with her daughter Daisy. Stopping by MorningGloryFarm on her bicycle on Aug 24, she stuck to her polite-but-dont-ask-me-for-a-selfie mode. Says clerk Mira Vasiljevic: “she was very nice and seemed happy.”

Yeah, gee, People Magazine, ya think perhaps the reason for Meg Ryan being ‘invisible’ on the scene there this summer untill last weekend is because she has not spent a single day there this summer (!!),as she has been working non-stop prepping and directing a movie until last Friday?! Of course, the magazine completely lacks more interesting info like oh say, the split happend months ago and her buying an apartment in Soho last year. Rant over.

National Enquirer story

Jan 8 • by admin • Comments Offgossip

I’m surprised it took the NE this long to report on it, since Meg already ended the relationship early November. Warning, it *is* the National Enquirer so read it with a bucket of salt [click here to read the NE story].

The Gossip Zone: more real estate talk

Feb 14 • by admin • 2 Commentsgeneral, gossip

The NYPost real estate column today reports on the latest townhouse Meg supposedly visited. Not sure how accurate their report is, but it’s a nice place, you can see for yourself here at the NY Curbed site.

Meg Ryan’s uptown home hunt continues. The actress just returned to “You’ve Got Mail” territory when she saw a $8.75 million brownstone at 126 W. 87th St.

The residence, which dates back to 1888, features a front parlor with 12 1/2-foot ceilings. The top story includes an 18-foot ceiling, a skylight and front and back terraces. Listing broker Deborah Sabec of Town Residential declined to comment.

The gossip zone: Meg looking at apartments in NYC

May 10 • by admin • 4 Commentsgeneral, gossip

This one definitely falls in the gossip category, considering the source is the NYPost. So please take with a bucket of salt and remember Meg has owned various apartments in NYC for the past 20+ years (even at times when she wasn’t living there) and has been spotted looking at apartments several times the past years. Seems like a certain real estate company doesn’t mind leaking about their famous clients?

“America’s sweetheart is sweet on downtown Manhattan. Meg Ryan is on an apartment search again, with her rocker boyfriend John Mellencamp. But Ryan, who as we previously reported has rented at 40 Mercer St., is now looking to buy.

The actress recently toured a condo at TriBeCa’s 51 Walker St. that was once rented by Leonardo DiCaprio. The 3,200-square-foot, three-bedroom, 3 1/2-bathroom triplex is listed for $5.25 million and comes with a private garden that has a swimming pool and Jacuzzi. Prudential Douglas Elliman’s Frederik Eklund, a star of Bravo’s “Million Dollar Listing New York,” and John Gomes are the brokers for the apartment, which Gwen Stefani also once called home.

Ryan and Mellencamp also visited the Marble House triplex unit at TriBeCa’s 60 Collister St. The 9,200-square-unit, six-bedroom, five-plus-bathroom condo is listed for $19.99 million and offers “townhouse-style living” with a doorman and parking (…)”. Source

Meg and John’s baseball run-in

Nov 18 • by admin • 1 Comment »gossip

As forum members know, Meg has been travelling with boyfriend John Mellencamp while he completes the last leg of his tour. Earlier this week they were in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where they ran into a lot of sports journalists by accident. Turns out their hotel was also the place for one of the biggest baseball GM meetings, which lead to lots of sightings. The New York Daily News reported this yesterday:

“SLEEPLESS IN MILWAUKEE? The News’ Bill Madden reports that Meg Ryan and her rocker boyfriend, John Mellencamp, unexpectedly found themselves in the middle of a baseball convention Wednesday as they strolled hand-in-hand through the lobby of the Pfister Hotel, where the media masses were waiting for the owners and general managers to conclude their meetings.

The couple headed to the hotel’s coffee show, where they proceeded to bill and coo over a bowl of soup. When they emerged from the eatery, Ryan asked one baseball scribe why there was so much media present. Told it was a baseball convention, she smiled in amusement and the couple continued on their way. (…)”

The Gossip Zone……including a denial

May 26 • by admin • 1 Comment »candids, gossip

Yeah, gossip. What to do with it. Anyway like some of you have pointed out, The National Enquirer – that bastion of truth (not) – has decided it’s time for Meg to get married. Not going to report any further on stories like that unless they come from a more reputable source.

EDITED: Meg’s rep has denied this report to E!News, who at least bothered to check. Meg’s rep told them there is no wedding planned between her and Mellencamp.

In the meantime, check the ‘Sightings’ tread in the news section in the forum for a nice photo of Meg posing with two fans in South Carolina yesterday. Meg is currently staying there with boyfriend John Mellencamp.

People Magazine article

Jan 4 • by admin • Comments Offfriends, gossip

People Magazine is an entertainment magazine, but it has a lot more credibility and does more research than the usual gossipmagazines, so here’s their story re: Meg and John Mellencamp:

“The new year brings new beginnings for Meg Ryan and John Mellencamp. The pair have spent time together on Martha’s Vineyard and in New York City in recent days, enjoying a fresh romance just as Mellencamp has announced his separation from wife Elaine after 18 years of marriage.

A source close to Ryan, 49, says the actress and the rock star, 59, began dating about seven weeks ago, and that Mellencamp and his wife had been separated for some time before that.

The pair have been spotted having coffee at Espresso Love, one of Ryan’s favorite spots on the Vineyard, and grocery shopping at Gourmet Garage in New York’s SoHo neighborhood – where observers tell PEOPLE they seemed happy and at ease.

“She usually comes in by herself or with her daughter. I thought that was her husband because they seemed for comfortable and familiar with each other, just like an old married couple,” one observer says. (…)” source


Jerusalem Film Fest story was FALSE

Jul 21 • by admin • Comments Offevents, gossip

Turns out the guy who claimed Meg Ryan and Dustin Hoffman had pulled out of the Jerusalem Film Festival didnt just lie about Hoffman (see two posts below) but also about Meg Ryan. Meg had in fact never accepted any invitation to attend. Thank goodness there are some journalists who do check their stories: 

‘(…) It took two phone calls to Hoffman’s agent and publicist — and an e-mail to Ryan’s publicist — to get Hoffman’s and Ryan’s side of the story: It was false. Hoffman did not pull out of the Jerusalem Film Festival to boycott Israel. He had never committed to going. Ryan, through her publicist, said the same thing: She had been invited but had never accepted. “Meg did not pull out of the Jerusalem Film Festival, as she never accepted the offer to attend,” her publicist, Stephen Huvane,e-mailed me. “She was invited, but her schedule did not allow her to attend the festival.”

The Jerusalem Post and The New York Times eventually printed small retractions to the initial large Hoffman stories, although the reports of a major Hollywood star “boycotting” Israel still show up as fact on myriad blogs and Web sites. No news outlet has corrected the Ryan assertion or, it seems, even bothered to verify it. (…)’

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