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Tribeca Film Institute ‘Sloan Filmmaker Fund 2014′

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Meg Ryan is part of the jury for the Tribeca Film Instute ‘Sloan Filmmaker Fund’ 2014. The jury has selected three projects to the fund, which provides funding and professional guidance in support of innovative and compelling films that offer a fresh take on science, mathematics and technology.

The TFI Sloan Filmmaker Fund has now given more than $1 million to filmmakers, a benchmark demonstrating the continued success of this creative collaboration. This year recipients will receive a total of $150,000 in grants; the filmmakers will be honored at this year’s TFI VIP reception during the Tribeca Film Festival.(…)

This year’s projects were chosen by a jury of arts and science professionals that included actors John Slattery (Mad Men, director of God’s Pocket) and Meg Ryan (When Harry Met Sally, You’ve Got Mail), writer Jonathan Nolan (The Dark Knight, Dark Knight Rises, The Prestige), Heather Berlin, Professor of Psychiatry and Neuroscience at Mount Sinai’s Icahn School of Medicine and John Quackenbush, Harvard Professor of computational biology and bioinformatics.(…)

BVLGARI’s Save The Children campaign

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Meg is one of the celebrities taking part in the latest edition of BVLGARI’s ‘Save The Children’ campaign. The campaign uses portraits of famous celebrities – all shot with them posing in the same manner, black background and near-b&w photos – with the for this campaign designed ring. You can find more information on the BVLGARI Save The Children campaign at their website.

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*Updated * Scouting movie locations in Virginia and Ohio

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Local newssources are reporting Meg was in and around the Richmond, Virginia, area on Monday and Tuesday with a group of people to look at possible filming locations for Meg’s upcoming directorial debut ‘Ithaca’. Updated 04/10: several sightings of her looking at locations in and around Cincinnati, Ohio, today and yesterday!

Meg Ryan was in town at least since Monday and visited Petersburg with a film crew, according to Demolition Coffee owner Kris Haase. Haase said that he was one of the few people who spoke with Ryan, who didn’t want a lot of people snapping her photo (noted), and she told him that she was in the area scouting film locations. She kindly gave Haase an autograph.

No official word on what movie but a little research yielded some likely information. Ryan will be in the director’s chair for the upcoming film “Ithaca,”which is slated for a 2015 release and is based on “The Human Comedy,” a book written by Pulitizer Prize winning writer William Saroyan. “It is a coming-of-age story about the exuberance of youth, the sweetness of life, the sting of death and the modesty and sheer goodness that lives in each and every one of us,” according to the IMDB synopsis.

If Virginia is chosen, and IF this is the movie, we can expect to graciously host such stars as Melanie Griffith, Sam Shepard, Lois Robbins, and Jack Quaid. Perhaps Tom Hanks, who is listed on IMDB as the executive producer for the film, would like to stop by for a visit of Virginia (…).

Multiple people report seeing her in Carytown today, outside Can Can Brasserie. A waiter at the restaurant, which has hosted many a celebrity with all the films being made here of late, could not confirm that she went inside. “I should say that I saw her when I was coming out of Can Can and she was standing at the door,” Amy Ernst wrote on Facebook. “I don’t know if they all went in!” (…)

We reached out to the Virginia Film Office to confirm any potential partnerships and will post more information as it is made available. SOURCE

Gallery update: Meg out and about in Soho

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Meg and daughter Daisy are back in NYC again. The paparazzi snapped some pix of Meg in Soho on Wednesday carrying some shopping bags from Organic Avenue and Crewcuts while talking on her mobile phone. For those who registered at the gallery for the past two weeks: your account will be ready later today!

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Throwback Thursday: Philip Seymour Hoffman

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It’s time for another throwback thursday #TBT collage. On Sunday 46-year old supertalented actor Philip Seymour Hoffman died in NYC, way too young, way too soon. A heartbreaking story, where after decades of being sober, the actor’s previous heroin addiction sadly caught up with him again, this time with disastrous consequences.

In 1994 a then very young Seymour Hoffman played the recovering ex-alcoholic ‘Gary’ in ‘When A Man Loves A Woman’ opposite Meg Ryan. This collage is made from screencaps of his scenes and the text is from R.E.M.’s song ‘Everybody Hurts’ from the same movie.


A few smaller news tidbits

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If you follow our Twitter account, you will have seen a mention of a photo of Meg Ryan with BFF Laura Dern and Isabella Rosselini last week on Tuesday at a party. Page Six now reports on it:

“Nebraska” director Alexander Payne and Laura Dern — who starred in Payne’s first film, “Citizen Ruth,” in 1996 — had a joint birthday party at the Crosby Street Hotel last week. Spies said the pair, both born Feb. 10, celebrated with guests including Lena Dunham, Jennifer Aniston’s beau Justin Theroux, Mark Ruffalo, Matthew Broderick and Meg Ryan.(…)”

Architectual Digest has a story with photos of John Mellencamp’s South Carolina island home, which he recently had redocorated. The interior is in some ways reminiscent of Meg’s home on Martha’s Vineyard (see the Elle Decor article in the gallery). Meg mention in the online part of the article:

“But this particular house never felt right. Mellencamp’s girlfriend, actress Meg Ryan, however, thought the place had promise, and asked last year, “Why don’t you make it as beautiful as it can be?” Energized by her enthusiasm, he called New York City interior designer Monique Gibson (…).”

And last but not least a little warning: some news websites the past few days have published photos of a woman walking in Soho with a scarf covering most of her face holding a plant, claiming the woman is Meg Ryan. As frequent visitors here will easily spot: it’s not Meg Ryan in the photos but some unknown woman.

Merry Christmas!

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Wishing all of our visitors, and of course Meg and her kids, Happy Holidays and a Merry Christmas! May you all have a lovely time with your loved ones! The pictures below are from the movie You’ve Got Mail.

Speaking of You’ve Got Mail: don’t forget to check our Twitter updates for two articles on that movie, featured this past week on the MTV and People magazine websites!


Happy birthday Meg Ryan!

Nov 19 • by admin • 4 Commentsevents, friends, general

Today is Meg’s 52nd birthday! Happy Birthday! We hope she has a great day celebrating with her little girl Daisy and her friends in NYC!


New main layout is up!

Oct 26 • by admin • 3 Commentsgeneral, site news

As you can see we have a new layout up for the main site, after having the old one up for a whole year. I used the Midnight Theme from the talented Flor from Sweet Revelation Themes as the basis for the new layout. If you are looking for a WordPress or Coppermine theme for your website, I can highly recomend her work!

I am still working on updating parts of the website, like the career section and our website info. Also, I found out something went wrong with the Affiliates system so I only realized now that there were several new affiliates, so sorry for not adding you sooner!

Billy Crystal’s “Stil Foolin’ Em”

Oct 20 • by admin • Comments Offgeneral, when harry met sally

Billy Crystal’s autobiography “Still Foolin’ Em: Where I’ve Been, Where I’m Going, and Where the Hell Are My Keys? “ was recently published. In it he also discusses filming the most famous ‘When Harry Met Sally’ scene. Not exactly news, but always fun to read:

“When Nora [Ephron] brought up the issue of women faking orgasms during sex, Rob [Reiner] couldn’t believe it. ‘Well, they haven’t faked one with me,’ he said. It was Meg [Ryan’s] idea to have a scene where Sally tells Harry about this, and, like Rob, Harry can’t believe it, so she fakes one in a public place. I said, ‘Like a restaurant,’ and then Rob said it should be a loud orgasm, with everyone watching her, and then I said, ‘When it’s done, an older woman says to a waiter, ‘I’ll have what she’s having.’ And that’s how it happened. In retrospect, it may be the ­longest orgasm in history.(…)”