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Gallery update: 2010 photoshoot

Aug 10 • by admin • Comments Offgallery, photoshoot

Added five photos to the gallery from a photoshoot done in 2010 for France’s Madam Figaro magazine. There were tiny versions of two of the photos in the gallery so far, but now there are three more and all five in reasonable MQ quality!

PS will do another Ithaca update very soon! Check our FACEBOOK and TWITTER pages for the latest ‘Ithaca’ news and photos!

Photo Album
⇒ Photoshoots › 2010 › Photoshoot 019

BVLGARI’s Save The Children campaign

Apr 8 • by admin • Comments Offgeneral, meg ryan, photoshoot

Meg is one of the celebrities taking part in the latest edition of BVLGARI’s ‘Save The Children’ campaign. The campaign uses portraits of famous celebrities – all shot with them posing in the same manner, black background and near-b&w photos – with the for this campaign designed ring. You can find more information on the BVLGARI Save The Children campaign at their website.

Photo Album
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Throwback Thursday: Meg Ryan and Hugh Jackman

Feb 27 • by admin • Comments Off#tbt, kate and leopold, photoshoot

Time for another throwback thursday #TBT item! A collage with pictures from a photoshoot with Meg Ryan and Hugh Jackman early 2002 to promote the movie Kate and Leopold.


Gallery update: nineties photoshoot #32

Jan 18 • by admin • Comments Offgallery, magazines, photoshoot

Added another photoshoot from the nineties to the gallery. It dates back to 1998 and was used for the cover article in Time Out. I also repaired the links to the gallery in the previous post (was the wrong album, sorry).

Photo Album
⇒ Photoshoots › Nineties › Nineties 023

Throwback Thursday: early nineties photoshoot

May 9 • by admin • 2 Comments#tbt, gallery, photoshoot

I made this one from a photoshoot from the very early nineties. In the gallery you can find more from this shoot. Love the one of her posing with her Yorkie!

For those that don’t follow our Twitter account, per PageSix, last week Meg attended an NY Academy Screening of the soon to be released movie ‘The Great Gatsby’ and was also seen at the play ‘Testament of Mary’ together with some of her girlfriends. TY for sending me these.

Updated The NYPost today has another Meg mention, looks like she visited another beautiful duplex in Tribeca recently. It’s on the market for 12,5 million dollars and you can view the listing here.


Eighties photoshoot up in the gallery

Apr 27 • by admin • Comments Offgallery, photoshoot

I have added four pictures from a photoshoot dating back to around halfway they eighties to the gallery. Always nice to see ‘new’ old photos popping up! Thanks for sending me these, T.!

Gallery › Photoshoots › Eighties › Eighties 09

Throwback Tuesday: back to the eighties!

Apr 23 • by admin • 3 Comments#tbt, photoshoot

Okay, so this will be a #tbt throwback tuesday for once. It’s made from a picture from a shoot from the mid-/late eighties and I never saw this one before. Will add the original photos from this shoot to the gallery soon.


Promised Land photo shoot

Jan 6 • by admin • 2 Commentsgallery, movies, photoshoot

Added three B&W high-quality promotional photos of Meg Ryan and Keifer Sutherland for the movie ‘Promised Land’ from 1987 to the gallery.

Gallery › Movies › Promotional pictures › Promised Land

Photoshoot update from the eighties

Jun 9 • by admin • 2 Commentsgallery, photoshoot

Added a photo to the eighties photoshoot section, dated probaly very late eighties? Never saw this one before, if anyone knows more from this shoot, please e-mail us!

Gallery › Photoshoots › Eighties › eighties 08

Photoshoot update in the gallery

May 20 • by admin • Comments Offgallery, photoshoot

Added two photos from a photoshoot dating back to the early 2000s. Had seen one of the two before, but not the other one. Big thanks to K for sending me these photos!

And also thanks to those who sent in sightings of Meg and John Mellencamp at the Tennessee State Museum on Thursday evening and at John’s concert last night at Houchens Smith Stadium in Bowling Green, Kentucky, benefiting FarmAid. For more sightings of them check the forum.

Gallery › Photoshoots › 2001 › photoshoot 025

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