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New candids and event sighting

December 8, 2013 • by admin • 5 Commentscandids, events, friends, gallery

Added two new sets of candids to the gallery from earlier this week. And in case you don’t follow our Twitter updates, on Monday per The Hollywood Reporter and other sources, Meg was one of the special guests at a luncheon for the movie Nebraska:

Tastemaker luncheons were held in New York on Dec. 2 for Nebraska’s lead actor Bruce Dern (his daughter Laura Dern and her friend Meg Ryan were among those in attendance)(…)

Just a little FYI: our host fan-sites.org is now partnered with Hollywood.com so that’s why you now see a small banner at the top/bottom of all of ours host’s fansites. This will of course not change anything else.

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5 Responses to “New candids and event sighting”

  1. Anne, any insight/rumor on how her sitcom is coming along, or if its coming along? lol

    like the belt with her coat..;0

  2. No, nothing, sorry. If they are doing a pilot, it might be a while before they actually tape it?

    BTW, did you send me an e-mail a few days ago re: your gallery account? Just checking to make sure that was you.

  3. yup, the email was from me. :)

    Get lost Geegee (yes, that is you, don’t bother pretending it’s not).

  5. Okay, thanks, just making sure it wasn’t someone posing as you :-)