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Rolling Stone article about Tom Hanks

November 3, 2012 • by admin • 4 Commentsfriends, interview, magazines

Rolling Stone magazine had a long piece about Tom Hanks in it’s November 8 issue, including several new quotes from Meg about her friend and three times co-star.

Friends describing Hanks (…) ‘His friend Meg Ryan calls him “easy and fun and relaxed and smart and tough and just a pretty consistent character.”’

The article describes how Tom is an expert in dealing with ‘celebrity transactions’, dealing with how people react when they see someone famous ‘(…) Ryan remembers one of those “We were shooting something in New York” she says “and we were sitting on a bus bench, and in between takes, this bus came by and people waved at us. At the time I felt so embarrassed – like ‘Ohhhh god’ and Tom just looked at me and went ‘What’s the big deal? Just wave back! It’s a wave!’. Sometimes as a famous person you make the mistake of interpreting people’s interest in you as personal. But it’s all a goof – and he seems to have always known it.”’

The article describes how the general public seems not to really know all that much about the real Tom Hanks ‘(…) Meg Ryan agrees “I think the pleasure with Tom is that he has complications, but we’re not really gonna know what those complications are,” she says. “I think that’s smart. Movie stardom is a lot about suggestion: You have to be a blank enough canvas so people can project their feelings about what a good guy is. And there isn’t much Tom has done to dispute that. He’s wise enough to suggest that we know him – even though we also know we don’t.”’ Source

The article also has a quote from the short & sweet piece Meg wrote about Tom Hanks for Time Magazine’s 2009 ‘Time 100’.

4 Responses to “Rolling Stone article about Tom Hanks”

  1. TY anne, that first part (the bench story)reveals a lot ,not just about toms personality …but hers as well

  2. I agree. Meg has often commented on feeling like a ‘bad celebrity’ because she doesnt like the attention it gets her from the media/public (except for when she can use that attention to get attention for good causes, like the HTS thing). I think overall she seems too shy to enjoy any of that. Tom has a good way of handling it, but I do agree what is said in the article, that the public doesnt really know Tom Hanks, very clever.

  3. Thanks from me too, mention of Meg and Tom Hanks always brings back good memories:)
    I sometimes wonder. What if Meg had met Tom before she got involved with Quaid? I’ve always thought they’d have made a great couple. If only life was like the movies!

  4. I think EVERYONE feels that way about Tom and Meg!LOL!
    But alas, she likes the ‘bad-boys’, no? ;-)