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Meg and John’s baseball run-in

November 18, 2011 • by admin • 1 Comment »gossip

As forum members know, Meg has been travelling with boyfriend John Mellencamp while he completes the last leg of his tour. Earlier this week they were in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where they ran into a lot of sports journalists by accident. Turns out their hotel was also the place for one of the biggest baseball GM meetings, which lead to lots of sightings. The New York Daily News reported this yesterday:

“SLEEPLESS IN MILWAUKEE? The News’ Bill Madden reports that Meg Ryan and her rocker boyfriend, John Mellencamp, unexpectedly found themselves in the middle of a baseball convention Wednesday as they strolled hand-in-hand through the lobby of the Pfister Hotel, where the media masses were waiting for the owners and general managers to conclude their meetings.

The couple headed to the hotel’s coffee show, where they proceeded to bill and coo over a bowl of soup. When they emerged from the eatery, Ryan asked one baseball scribe why there was so much media present. Told it was a baseball convention, she smiled in amusement and the couple continued on their way. (…)”

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  1. Nice story. Thanks for the link:)