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The Gossip Zone……including a denial

May 26, 2011 • by admin • 1 Comment »candids, gossip

Yeah, gossip. What to do with it. Anyway like some of you have pointed out, The National Enquirer – that bastion of truth (not) – has decided it’s time for Meg to get married. Not going to report any further on stories like that unless they come from a more reputable source.

EDITED: Meg’s rep has denied this report to E!News, who at least bothered to check. Meg’s rep told them there is no wedding planned between her and Mellencamp.

In the meantime, check the ‘Sightings’ tread in the news section in the forum for a nice photo of Meg posing with two fans in South Carolina yesterday. Meg is currently staying there with boyfriend John Mellencamp.

One Response to “The Gossip Zone……including a denial”

  1. Thanks as always for keeping us infromed

    Honestly would the reps say if there even was a wedding? lol Doubtful.