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When Harry Met Sally screencaptures

August 22, 2010 • by admin • 3 Commentsgallery, moviestills, when harry met sally

A dozen screencaptures from When Harry Met Sally have been added to the moviestills section. Aside from WHMS being simply beaing a fantastic movie, with a story that never seems to age, the movie also features Meg Ryan with many different hairstyles as you can see in the caps ;-)

>> Movies: When Harry Met Sally

3 Responses to “When Harry Met Sally screencaptures”

  1. Love the screencaps.

  2. Sometimes I forget how great this movie is. Untill I see it again and am reminded of it :-) :-)

    One of these days I’ll have a poll on the site where everyone can vote for their favorite Meg Ryan movie. For me it’s WHMS or YGM.

  3. I think having a favourite Meg Ryan film poll is a great idea but I know I’ll find it hard to narrow it down to just one :)