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Meg was seen taking daughter Daisy to school early Tuesday and Friday morning in a very cold New York City. Two new albums with large candids have been added to the gallery.

Also adding links below to two videos. The first one shows Meg with both her kids Jack and Daisy out in NYC on Mother’s Day back in 2013, and the second one is a short clip of her backstage at the John Mellencamp Des Moines concert this past Sunday February 15th.


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Added the new photoshoot from October last year to the gallery. In total there are nine photos. Check back this weekend because there will also be a candids update!

… Photoshoot / 2014 / Photoshoot 026

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The Vanity Fair website today has posted a long article about Nora Ephron and You’ve Got Mail. For the article, they recently spoke with several of the cast and crew, including Meg Ryan. To read the entire article and all the new quotes, click on the link below to be forwarded to the VF.com website.

Meg Ryan and other members of the You’ve Got Mail team reminisce on everything from Ephron’s unendingly sharp on-set wardrobe to her penchant for elaborate lunches.

(…) In honor of Nora, who died in 2012, and of Valentine’s Day, we caught up with the cast and crew of You’ve Got Mail, her 1998 film based on the 1940 classic The Shop Around the Corner. They shared everything, from her unendingly sharp on-set wardrobe to her penchant for elaborate lunches, to her deep faith in the kindness of New Yorkers. This is the story of Meg and Tom, Fox Books and The Shop Around the Corner, the Upper West Side, and love in the movies. But mostly, it’s a story about Nora. READ MORE

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Meg Ryan was pictured walking around in Soho New York earlier this week on a cold day. Added four large sized candids to the gallery.

… Candids / 2015 / Out and about in Soho

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Finally had the time to get the new layout up and running. The previous one was up for over 15 months, so it was about time for a new one!. The WP theme used for this new layout was made by @ohmymorning. Added some additional coding and used a new photoshoot picture for the header.

If you see any glitches, please e-mail me. Also if you notice the site does not automatically resize on your iPad or mobile phone, please make it known. May have added a bit too much coding here and there. And yes, the host advertisement is not showing, the fan-sites.org team is working on that general error.

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Meg Ryan attended the Grammy’s Musicares Person of the year Tribute to Bob Dylan on Friday evening in Los Angeles, together with John Mellencamp. They were seated at a table with amongst other Jeff Bridges, Jared Leto and producer T Bone Burnett.

… Appearances / 2015 / Musicares Person of the year Tribute

February 4th, 2015   interview, Ithaca Comments Off

Tina Eshleman of Richmond Magazine spoke with Meg Ryan recently about her experience directing ‘Ithaca’ this summer. Click on the link below to be forwarded to their website and read the entire interview. It’s worth it! The interview comes in three parts, so be sure to click on pages [2] and [3] too. Here are some quotes from the interview, about working with Tom Hanks, her son Jack and Sam Shepard.

RM: I read that Tom Hanks plays a cameo role in the movie. What was it like working with him again?

Ryan: I’m just so overwhelmed by his generosity and his friendship. He didn’t have to do what he did. This is how gracious he is — he thanks everyone else for letting him come to be there. I mean, he is just such a gift to everybody, and it was wonderful to be around him. He’s worthy of all of our admiration and our love.

RM: Had you worked with Jack, your son, before?

Ryan: No, but what was amazing is that when I was there with him on the set, I thought about how this is just one more step from what it’s been like to be around him his whole life. I’d be at my house and out of one door would come one of his friends dressed as some strange cereal box character and out of another door somebody else comes out. and they’re shooting a little video about the invasion of the world by the Trix rabbit! Jack is so odd and great and creative. His whole life, he’s been writing and, in a way, directing and acting and having so much fun. He came to our set right after doing an HBO series that Martin Scorsese is doing with Mick Jagger. So, Jack came to me after he had just been on a very prestigious and cool set. Here, he’d just worked with Martin Scorsese and we got him next. It was so cool to see him have that much fun. The thing he’s doing for HBO is a period piece in the ’70s [about the rock ’n’ roll industry], so he had to come down and shave off his lamb chops and an enormous amount of hair so that he could become a period soldier in 1942.

RM: And how about Sam Shepard [who plays Willie Grogan, a philosophical telegrapher]? Have you ever worked with him before?

Ryan: No, and he is everything you’d hope Sam Shepard would be. He is such a refined and powerful actor. He’s an intelligent man but he’s so funny and he’s really fun, and when you sit next to him between takes, he’s talking about the play he’s writing. He’s to be admired for so many things and rightfully so. He’s one of our great American playwrights. And he’s a blast to talk to. He’s deep and funny and kind. MORE

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Website Starkiddo has several photos of Meg Ryan and 10-year old daughter Daisy out and about in Soho NYC Saturday afternoon. Click on the screenshot below to be forwarded to their website.

meg ryan and daisy true

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On Monday morning Meg was seen taking daughter Daisy to her school, before a snow storm was scheduled to hit the Big Apple.

… Candids / 2014 / Walking Daisy to school

January 27th, 2015   candids, gallery, jack & daisy Comments Off

Meg and Daisy were seen out shopping on Sunday afternoon in NYC, with Meg carrying a bag with books and magazines from the McNally Jackson Books store.

… Candids / 2014 / Out shopping with Daisy

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